Glorious Garage

11:06 AM

Cleaning your car every week, month or however long you go can be very tedious and time-consuming.  Not having storage for your bikes, power-tools or dog crates takes up space inside your home.  That’s where the garage comes in handy, a two-car garage is even better!

Use this extra room to park your car(s) or pack everything you don’t want inside your home in there.  It’s up to you.

This 2-car garage is complete with automatic garage door-openers.  You can program this gadget to close from inside your car, inside your home or from a remote just outside of the door.  A sensor knows when to open if something is in its way.  It will keep the weather outside, so you can play with your tools when it’s snowing outside.  You might have to vacuum the interior of your car from your own mess, but you can bet the exterior will be safe from that random bird passing by.
Lastly, when you have been working in the yard and need quick access to your tools, enter through your "man-door".  Don't worry about taking your shoes off because you can't hurt a thing.

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  1. Automatic garage door openers truly provides efficiency. Doors give the idea of what lies behind a garage. A good garage door may give the impression that stylish cars are in it.


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