Spice Up Your Yard

10:35 AM

You’ve heard it over and over again.  Fall is the time for planting.  Take advantage of all of the great deals out there, especially if you are trying to sell your home.  A landscaped yard can be a deal-breaker for some.  It’s the first impression that matters, so make it beautiful.  You don’t have to spend a ton to make your yard stand out.
I planted pansies along my walkway to add a little color to my front yard.  Hosta plants make great ground cover and are cheap!  They’ll surprise you in the summer.  I also planted a bunch of bulbs in an empty spot.  I can’t wait to see what happens in the spring!  
If you don’t have time to plant, add planters to your front porch or walkway.  Fill them with a small shrub.  You can find inexpensive greenery at any of the following stores.
Compare specials before you shop:

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